Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I started this not with the premise of really starting a Hall of Fame, or as has been suggested voting on the folks below and perhaps nominating one of the greats below to the Delaware Sports Hall of Fame. Initially this was a plan to develop a blog post for my blog (fatmarc.com) and stimulate some conversation on a slow President's day.

It seemed to take on a life of it’s own and developed into something else. When I initially sent this email out to as many email lists as I could, I set up no criteria other than the fact that we were creating a list. Obviously, the list is heavy in riders with incredible results, but there are also a number of folks, who while strong riders, had a bigger impact for their work promoting, wrenching, helping to develop the culture, the scene of Delaware Cycling.

My guideline was simple, “who should be on this list of All Timers for the Delaware Cycling Scene?” I think it’s important to see many great riders, but also riders that inspired their peers and friends, and gave back to the greater community. I think it is great to see how these folks impacted the riders they trained and raced with. I felt that if someone felt strongly enough to send me someone's name and a reason why, I'd put them on the list.

Below is the initial list that was created from the responses I got on my email request. It is not a final product, but rather a stake in the ground. Many of the folks I never knew or knew of and so I rely on the stories passed to me from their peers. I have not vetted the info below and I 'm happy to add comments and details to stories as appropriate. I’d love to get some pictures of these folks, and some additional results if anyone has them.

Anything that is appropriate can of course be sent to me at marc.vettori@gmail.com. I would further add that this list may very well maybe missing some key people.

In alphabetical order:

John Bare
"In the early to mid 1970s there was an East-coast based team that pretty much dominated the national racing scene. When the Century Road Club of America (CRC of A) rolled up to the line the finish was already decided, someone from this juggernaut team would be set up to roll across the line with arms held high for their Raleigh sponsor. This was before there were any American pros or pro teams. Most members of CRC were on the U.S. National team which put them in the top 1% of the cycling elite. One of these CRC/National team members was Delaware native John Bare. John was also active in promoting racing in Delaware by putting on the 1978 Olympic Development Blue Hen Stage Race."

Jeff Bahnson
"3x National Place Winner, 2x National Champion, hate to put someone under 18 in there but the kids got the results..."

Bill Bowen+
One of the founders of the Delaware Trail Spinners. architects of the trail system at Fairhill that have provided a proving ground for so many local mtbers; Bill lived the principle of trail stewardship and brought much of what he learned as Delaware Enduro Rider to build one of the most influential MTB clubs in the east, as well as one of the top races. Introduced how many hundreds or thousands of folks to the sport of mtbing?

Bill Breslin
"Multiple BAR titles and district champ in Road, TT, Crit and Track"

Jack Chelucci+
" the driving force uniting the best cyclists into racers. Once FSVS got "too big" Jack approached Skip Dunbar to start a new racing team. He organized the group from Peoples Plaza to form Dunbar's racing team (1990). Ed Jones, Billy V, Pete Terechuk, Mike Christian, Steve Lewis, etc. The next year, in the middle of a meeting of around 50 cyclists called by Skip to open the club to new members, Jack abruptly got to his feet and simply said "anyone interested in racing with me on a new team, see me outside". 11 of us got up and left. We joined Wooden Wheels, already a small, but tough cycling team, where Jack became the president, published a monthly newsletter, and motivated everyone to race. Within two years, however, Jack wanted to be free of the influence of any bike shop, and once again announced we were starting a new team, Team Delaware. Now, with Bryon Patton, Dennis Smith, Dennis Whitesel, and Bill Breslin added, we had guys who won races, and began to challenge the big teams in the district like Snow Valley with over 300 racers. We finished 2nd in 1994. In addition to Jack's hard training ethics, his racing successes (winning in break-aways, hills, and sprints), it was his organizing and motivating efforts that have had the greatest effect on the cycling community."

John Chelucci-
"In 1994 finished 3rd, not first, in the BAR racing series, just ahead of Jack. John won both the District Crit. and the District Road Race that summer with lead-outs from Jack and Billy V. There was no separation of age classes that year, and all 1,000 racers were lumped together in one category for a final placing."
Aaron Chen
Years of dedication as a ride leader. Hes led hundreds of rides over the years and helped develop and nurture many riders in DE. All around good guy

Tom Cherney
"strong roadie. Can still hammer on the road on training rides."

“Iron” Mike Clark

Rob "Scooter" Collins
" started as a junior, successful senior racer as a Cat 1. 2008 MAC Cross 2/3 Champion; 2009 Top 10 Elite Masters MAC CUP"

Tom Compton
"A very good cyclist in his own right, a leader in the community and FSVS, local official, and promoter... "

Katie Compton+
perhaps the most successful rider to come out of Delaware. 6x Elite Women’s Cross National Champion, 2 World’s Podiums Who knows how many other National Championships…

Dina Desantis
national level mountainbiker and cross racer

Jim Eadds
"Multiple Time State Champion in the 50's and still riding long distances as an elder statesman "

William "vim" Danials
“Wim was a big track rider at least a cat 2 maybe a cat 1. He had a heck of a punch for a sprint, as one would imagine for a guy around 6'2".
He raced for First State Velo for years.”

Katrina Dowidchuck
"Looking deeper at Team DRT , Katrina Dowidchuck for her support, leadership and achievements primarily in cross and mtn bike. If you put her in any road event, she wins every time. Just an outstanding athlete. Katrina qualified for Xterra Nationals in Tahoe her first year doing Xterra "
Greg Ferguson
"Yeah, he lived in NJ but DCCoD wouldn't exist without his guidance and example. How many cross racers got their start learning from this guy? National Level MTBer and Cross Racer for how many years now… Consummate Cyclist"

Todd Forrest
Leader of the Tuesday Night MTB ride at Middlerun for 20 years. The hardest local weekly hammer mountain bike ride. If you have a single speed mountain bike in your quiver you should thank Todd. He showed the single speed as a viable racing machine He provided the training ground for many a local mountain biker for two decades. He has been the bar that local mountain bikers measure themselves against. President of the Delaware Trail Spinners for 5 years.

Danny Fox
Name came up a few times, I don't have anything info.. would love to see folks provide

Sig Guist
(not sure of last name spelling) for one who has been a consistent rider supporting cycling for health and for a very long time.

Sue Haywood
short track national champion; Trek National Team Member; Olympic Qualifer

Wally Hertler
"A VERY long time member of WCBC, he's ridden more miles than anyone I know. He'd ride 1000 mies to get to a LAW (League of American Wheelman) meet that was only 100 miles away." Founding member of WCBC

Randy Inglis
"racer, USCF official, and promoter. I would say he promoted more road races in DE than anyone else"

Jo Johnson
"Masters National Champion and still competing"

Kris Kuss
National and World Duathlon champion

Les Leach+
Most Natural, Best Mountain Biker I have ever ridden with... We lucked out as a community when he moved here... Nicest most mellow guy that can rip your legs off but smile while he does it... 7th at NCCA's as a senior...

Jill Lewis
"She lived in DE, but did a lot of racing in PA. Was dominant for a number of seasons. Mentally tough, Nice Mountain bike season a few years ago"

Bill Meakin
"As a cyclist he was pretty unbeatable within at least the tri-state area and also devoted most of if not all of his time to cycling and I think Bill should definitely be on the list of successful Delawarean cyclist. I think he was just a hair before Mr. Patton. He was on Two Wheeled Cycles."

Tom McDaniel
"Cross Promoter Extraordinaire, Granogue races, and in general fostering the race scene in Delaware for years; traveled the country to the biggest cross races and brought that home to Delaware. Coined the term we are having a party with an elite bike race running through it."

Rick Mihills+
Most dominate masters cross racer from our region. 3x mabra champion, 11th at nationals in '06, At 40 won the senior pro/open division of the Trek Classic Series Mountain Bike

Bryan Patton
This name appeared more in my in box than any other. ". Pulled a sub 51 40K tt without tt equipment. Great at all disciplines. Multiple district titles. TT, Crit and Road. Not to mention the nicest cyclist I ever met."

Keith and Susan Patton
Parents of Bryan Patton, Multiple time winners of senior olympics. Nices people on earth.

Dave Pro
" Dave was a great sprinter for FSVS in the early 90's, too. Had more results than I can remember, including winning the Wilmington Crit season series for many years. "

Janie Quigley(Eichoff)
"Track cyclist. 10 time National champion. Medaled six times at Worlds."

Bob Reuther+
"Podiumed at Cross Senior Nationals at least once, and went to worlds on several occasions. National Level Mountain bike racer"

Ken Robinson+
architect of the trail systems in middlerun that have provided a proving ground for so many local mtbers; founder of early mtb club that eventually merged with the Delaware Trail Spinners. Ken brought the IMBA principles to our community; Introduced how many hundreds or thousands of folks to the sport of mtbing ?

Blair Saunders+
Came here a pro, and raised the level for the best of our best... Not a venue he hasn't succeeded on Road/MTb/UMTB and Cross...

Jocelyn Saunders

Dennis Smith+
Homegrown, success at the highest regional levels in mtb/road and cross. Incredible all arounder, still a hero for me, His photos make us all look pro...


Lorie Stuzik+
Top 20 finish in Philly Liberty Classic; National Championship (w/ Nancy Waddell I believe), top regional racer...

Chick Trayford.
“He was an active racer early on was our the local official.”

Billy Vogler
"yeah he lived in Maryland, but was 100% Delaware. Multiple District Championships and for the sheer amount of beers he drank !"

John Waddell
“the greatest mechanic around. He's worked on a lot of bikes and has helped many a racer over the years. Managed a number of the local shops helped tons of people get started…”

Nancy Waddell+
National Champion, more importantly Queen B; created ride that gave 100s of riders opportunity to learn how to ride on the road, and basic tactics... HUGE

Greg Watson
National Duathlon champion

Lauri Webber
"2x National Podium Place Winner- Cross, Multiple Time Mass Series Champion, not a mountain bike or cross race has gone off in Delaware in the last 7 years without her help, regardless of club affiliation..."

Dennis Whitesel
"He was a strong rider who merely slipped away from the Peleton in his early racing with us until he became known. On a hilly course he didn't care who knew, he could out-climb National Champs. At a 145 lbs, he could beat all of us on the indoor trainers at Kirkwood Fitness, mashing steady level 12 for over an hour! A great guy that I was lucky to train with and call my friend. "Dan Wilson
Strongest Rider of the Current Era. Cat 1 Wilmington Based. Many Victories and Results. Hardest Working Man in Show Business.

John Williams
"National Endurance Mountain Bike Series Champion 45+. yup, the 100 miler series. Multiple Time MASS series champion. As captain of Bike Line team has lead team to 4 MASS team championships. Volunteer Ranger at Fairhill..."

Mark Wise
The Shark. Multiple Time Kona finisher; multiple time All American tri athlete. He has been the lead dog on the hardest road rides, and reports for past 5 years; Tuesday Night Smack Down

Dick Wolf
"highlights in cycling would be six district titles, USCF national silve medal in TT, National Runner up in age group duathlons, three time team USA duathlon team member. Took silver in districts 30-39 age group in a two up man sprint"